The privacy of our customers and subscribers is of utmost importance for our company, hence we implement a high level of privacy protection measures to ensure that all the information stored in our database is well protected and safe.

Information that we collect either in form of user details including email addresses, contact information, or cookies is solely used to provide convenient services to our customers and quick access to their desired products and services in the future. Passwords of accounts on our website are not accessible to anyone except the user itself.

To keep the privacy of our customers and clients safe and secure, we have compiled some important points in our privacy policy; we expect everyone within our company or outside our company who is using our services follow these terms of our privacy policy, and they are obliged to follow them while benefiting from our company and its services.

(In this document terms such as You, Your, User, Customer, Client, They, Participant, Winner are referred to people using our services. Whereas terms such as We, Our, Us, are referred to


*   Details and information are required to be submitted to place an order and create an account.

*   Your contact information including email address, phone number, the delivery address will be safely stored in our database to make it easier for you to use our services next time without providing these details all over again.

*   Users details will be stored in’s database with complete discretion and safety.

*   Maintaining account details, information, and password is the responsibility of the user. holds the right to terminate any account for any reason without prior notification.

*   Users are expected to keep their account’s confidential details to themselves and don’t share them with any unauthorized person.

*   Users are expected to notify directly in case if users notice any breach of privacy or unauthorized use of their accounts.

*   Your basic contact information will be handed over to a well authorized third part which will be done for the sole purpose of offering you better services. The third-party may include a courier service or a supplier of our products and services.

*   Information regarding the products and services that you purchased or searched can be used for research and statistical purposes for the betterment and improvement of our services.

*   We use email addresses and contact numbers for marketing purposes; to provide our users with the latest information regarding our offers, deals, and discounts.

*   Your previous order details will be stored for security reasons, which only you can access by logging in to your account on our website.

*   Credit or Debit cards that are used to make online payments are a one-time transaction; does not save or store credit or debit card information.

*   If you wish to unsubscribe from our promotional emails/messages, or permanently delete your account and information from our database and website, you can simply click on the unsubscribe option on our emails or contact us directly to assist you. It can take at least 7 working days to implement these settings. holds the right to modify or make changes in its privacy policies at any given time without prior announcement.